Hikers welcome hostel
Hikers welcome hostel

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What we offer

The Hikers Welcome is a hostel that caters to over 1,200 long-distance backpackers and section hikers each year, and is run by hard core backpackers. We have created an experience that offers all of the amenities that are desired to recharge you before your next big climb. Whether you're a thru-hiker, section-hiker, Mountaineer, or nature lover, at Hikers Welcome you will find everything that you need, including reasonable accommodations and knowledgeable caretakers.

Services & Amenities:  

Bunk rooms 






Bath house with:

  Hot shower

  Laundry (washer & dryer)

  Flush toilet 


**Post office across the street**

Slack packing Available: 

Contact us for information:  

ph: (603) 989-0040 (May-Oct)
c: (203) 605-9430


Ice cream
Pop tarts

Toilet paper


Slack pack backpacks

​Hikers Box (with lots of goodies!)


Email:  HikersWelcome@yahoo.com

Cell:  (203) 605-9430
Phone (May-Oct only): (603) 989-0040

Address (for driving directions):  

Hikers Welcome Hostel
1396 Route 25
Glencliff, NH 03238

​Mail Drop Information​:

If you plan to send a mail drop to the Hostel, please use the following instructions.

If you are using the U.S. Postal Service, please address your package to :

Hikers Welcome Hostel  c/o (Your Name)
P.O. Box 25
Glencliff, NH 03238

If you are using FedEx, or UPS, please address your package to:

Hikers Welcome Hostel c/o (Your Name)
1396 Route 25
Glencliff, NH 03238

About Us

Your Hosts


John "Packrat" Robblee has owned and run the Hikers Welcome since 2000. He is an avid backpacker, and one of a handful of people that is known as a Triple Crowner, for hiking the entire AppalachianTrail('94), Pacific Crest Trail('99), and Continental Divide Trail ('06) from end to end. With over 12,000 miles of hiking under his feet, he is constantly refining the hostel to meet the various needs of the hiking community.

Alyson Moadel-Robblee is Packrat's wife, and also has a true love for the outdoors. She has backpacked in Europe, Scotland, and all over the U.S.     As a psychologist who runs a cancer wellness program for underserved cancer patients, she has recently begun bringing these two worlds together launching the first-ever urban hiking initiative for cancer patients in the Bronx.  

Your Caretakers


Both born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Rily “Mumble” Scaife and Trey “Buffalo” Holden have always been active and enthusiastic individuals with a passion for adventure and the great outdoors. As a quick learner and hard-worker, one of Buffalo’s greatest achievements pre-AT was spending three months volunteering in Costa Rica harvesting coffee beans, teaching English, and aiding in turtle conservation. Always organized and creative, Mumble’s most profound accomplishment was being an integral part of a YMCA Leaders’ Club for six years, and attending a yearly Blue Ridge Leaders’ School in North Carolina. The two began walking through life together in 2014 and in June of the very next year, began their first long section hike on the AT in Virginia. In 2016, while hiking through the Smokies on their second backpacking trip, the resounding

decision was made to thru-hike in 2017. Since leaving trail life, Buffalo became a Chef for the cast and crew of Cirque du Soleil, and the couple have traveled all across the country following one of the shows, while living in a Ford Transit van. Proud as heck to be official flip-flop thru-hikers, Buffalo and Mumble are both excited and honored to fulfill a dream and return to the AT community as this years’ caretakers!  

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Hikers Welcome Hostel

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